Does vinegar kill germs or viruses?

Vinegar is sometimes used as a household cleaner because its Consist of acetic acid, that can help to kill most of germs & viruses or also people washing fruits and vegitable to protect from coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) & Till Now the scientists not even able to find the way to fight or protect by making any medicine for this new Covid – 19 the only way to curb the growth of the virus is by taking necessary precautions & Safety . People across the country are hoarding supplies of products like face masks and hand sanitizer. Due to the high demand and scarcity of products you are not able to find the same easily in market or if you get the same but the price will be higher as per the demand that why people are turning to natural disinfectant like vinegar for cleaning purposes.


Vinegar is used for many purposes. From salads, snacks to cleaning laundry and household things, the uses of vinegar are endless. It is cheap and is commonly found in everyone’s homes. But the question is whether vinegar really helps to kill germs?

The people want to know: is vinegar a disinfectant? And does vinegar kill viruses? Well, technically.

Does vinegar kill germs or viruses?

Yes,Vinegar or acetic acid does have both bacteriocidal (bacteria killing) and bacteriostatic (bacteria inhibiting) properties (sometime is conjugation with salting and temperature treatment it is variable) also has similar effects on fungi and that is one of the reasons it is used in pickling.

Though hydrogen peroxide has better elimination than vinegar in the same conditions, vinegar would not harm humans the way hydrogen peroxide would


Is vinegar a disinfectant?

Yes, vinegar is a disinfectant, but it is ineffective on Covid – 19 (Coronavirus) .Because the main component of vinegar is acetic acid, which has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

But there have been a handful of studies that have confirmed that vinegar has antibacterial properties. but not in case of Covid-19.

You can use vinegar for disinfection purposes but when it comes to cleaning surfaces with a high risk of food contamination, like cutting boards and the shelves or refrigerator, then using vinegar is not an ideal choice.

If you are using or going to use a vinegar for cleaning of your house or other cleaning activities then we will recommend to choose always a White vinegar . coz the white vinegar is more acidic as compared to the other kind of vinegar available


Vinegar is a disinfectant and can kill germs and bacteria. But as we all know at this time we are dealing with the most critical virus covid-19 (coronavirus) so we would recommend you should avoid vinegar as an disinfectant. This will not going to protect you as you think or as you should be, However, at this time Commercial disinfectants are still your better options